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Leg Magic & Bowed Tendon Tightner 16oz

Leg Magic & Bowed Tendon Tightner 16oz

Item# legtightner

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McTarnahans Leg Magic & Bowed Tendon Tightener is an analgesic leg tightener that will not blister or scruf. Formulated over 40 years ago, produces fast results in tightening of the skin tissue to promote faster healing of the tendon.

Active Ingredients: Aluminum Sulphate 6.16%, Tanic Acid 6.16%, Phenol 6%.

Inactive Ingredients: De-ionized and Glycerin


Use rubber gloves. Keep out of reach of children. Contains Phenol which is a poison. Do not get on skin.

Read all instructions and warnings on bottle prior to use.

BRAND: Jack's Inc.


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