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Handycope A.I. Kit

Handycope A.I. Kit

Item# AI1000


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What is the Handycope?

The Handycope is a high-powered portable microscope designed as a fast and reliable instrument for fertility screening in artificial insemination applications. Sperm, with reduced motility and nonviable sperm are easily identified using this compact microscope. Since the Handycope is small, it is easy to handle and use. It has a high-powered LED light(powered by a lithium battery) which guarantees clear and bright images even in dark working environments.


  • High-Quality Professional Lenses
  • Portable Design and Simple Operation
  • Super-bright, long-life LED
  • Long-Life Battery
  • Specially Designed Polycarbonate Slide

Who is the Handycope for?


How is the Handycope used?

The Handycope can be used for: Semen Fertility Screening, Fecal Flotations and Blood Smears.

What do I get with the Handycope?

Kit Includes: One A.I. Handycope Unit, 2 long-life Lithium batteries, 5 Polycarbonate slides, 100 coverslips (18mm x 18mm), 4 disposable pipets, Sturdy carrying case.

Available in Two Lense Configurations:

  • AI1000 Handycope, 200x
  • AI4000 Handycope, 400x



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