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Breathing Aids for Horses
Flair Equine Nasal Strip

Flair Equine Nasal Strip

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What are Flair Nasal Strips for horses?

Flair Nasal Strips are designed to keep your horse's nasal passages open while exercising. Nasal Strips help reduce lung stress and bleeding as well as reduce fatigue and speed recovery. They are completely safe and drug free.

Who are Flair Nasal Strips for?


What do Flair Nasal Strips do?

These Flair nasal strips for horses were developed by veterinarians and are clinically proven to help maximize your horse's potential.

How are Flair Nasal Strips used?

Safe and easy to use. Contain no drugs. Now available in white or black color.

How many Flair Nasal Strips will I receive?

Sold individually. One strip per pack.

BRAND: Flair
UPC: 853353004009


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